Product overview LACTOLAND Trockenmilchwerk GmbH

Our portfolio of semi-finished milk products includes milk and yoghurt powder, milk and whey proteins, whey derivatives, cream powder with different fat contents, a wide variety of liquid products and mixtures - all tailored to the needs of our customers in the food industry.


Dairy Compounds & Blends
  • Customized blends
  • Spray dried milk powders with specific functionalities
Cream Powder
  • Cream powder with different milk fat content (42% - 75%)
  • Range of cream powder qualities
Yogurt Powder
  • Skimmed milk yogurt powder - customized pH levels (pH 4,0-6,0)
  • Whole milk yogurt powder
  • Cream yogurt powder
  • Whey yogurt powder
Milk- & Whey Derivatives
  • Milk- and whey protein concentrates, -isolates & hydrolysates
  • Milk- & whey permeate
  • Micellar casein concentrate & isolate
Special Products
  • fat filled powders
  • fermented products
  • Anhydrous milk fats
Liquid Products
  • Cream & skimmed milk concentrate
  • Butter milk concentrate
  • Whey concentrates
  • Skimmed & whole milk
  • Raw & butter milk
  • Yogurt- & sour milk products