The Lactoland Quality Promise

Consistently high and reliable quality

The food industry demands a consistent high level of quality. We guarantee this by only working with selected suppliers. We are constantly investing in the technical side of our business and in 2019 opened a new, state-of-the-art laboratory building at our site in Dülmen, where we can offer the strictest controls. Here we can carry out up to 2,500 microbiological and analytical examinations every day. Internationally recognised certifications confirm our quality standards and food safety for our customers around the world.

Product safety for all sides

Lactoland holds the following certifications:

Cooperation with Milchwerke "Mittelelbe" GmbH

Thanks to our close cooperation with Milchwerke Mittelelbe in Stendal, sustainable milk production is possible not only through on-site support, but by employing the milk quality management milk module along with the sustainability module. The social, economic and ecological aspects of the operation are incorporated in the consultation, where farmers are supported on issues of animal welfare.

Quality milk module

Lactoland is able to supply its customers with products audited by independent control institutes and evaluated according to extensive criteria.

They can benefit from our possibilities of sustainable milk procurement and additional certification.

High quality standards

Our laboratory at the Dülmen site

Our business has grown over the years and so have the needs of our quality department. It became clear some years ago that we were soon going to reach capacity. We therefore commissioned a new state-of-the-art-laboratory that was opened in 2019.
Since 1989 Lactoland has worked with Umweltlabor ACB GmbH Münster who independently tested for pathogenic microorganisms such as salmonella and listeria and supported the hygiene monitoring. This cooperation will continue in the new laboratory.

Over time, additional areas such as drinking water monitoring, examination of rare germs such as clostridia and spore formers were added. The ACB has also been using the modern and very fast “PCR method” to test for salmonella at our production facility for a number of years.

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Our contact for all quality related matters at Lactoland.

Dr. Volker Möller

Head of Quality Assurance

Fon: +49 2594 7906-401

Johanna Schmitz

Quality Assurance

Fon: +49 2594 7906-404

Anja Wiedemeier

Laboratory Management

Fon: +49 2594 7906-402

Annica Koziolek

Laboratory Management, Deputy

Fon: +49 2594 7906-403

Alexander Prinz

QM Assistant

Fon: +49 2594 7906-405